Who We Are

The Florida Department of Transportation Credit Union is a member owned, nonprofit association, created for the purpose of encouraging thrift among its members, offering high quality financial services at fair and reasonable rates, and providing an opportunity for its members to use and control their resources on a democratic basis. Unlike banks, whose primary objective is to earn profits for a few stockholders, we return our earnings to all members in the form of reduced interest rates on loans and higher yields on savings and investments.

Originally chartered in July of 1959 as the Florida State Road Department Credit Union, we began with just seven members and one part time employee and have grown to over 3800 members and over 46 million dollars in assets.

At DOT Credit Union, we embrace the motto on which credit unions were founded, "Not for profit. Not for charity. But for service." We hold to the values of the credit union movement by offering products and services that meet our members' needs.