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Our membership is limited to:

  • Those who are employed by the Florida Department of Transportation in the Tallahassee area;
  • Any person who lives, works or worships in Leon County, FL or Columbia County FL;
  • Employees of D.O.T. District 2, including those employees of D.O.T. for which their headquarters are located within the boundaries of the D.O.T. District 2;
  • Employees of D.O.T. District 5, Deland, who were members of D.O.T. District 2 Credit Union prior to July 1, 1972;
  • State, county and city government employees in the District 2 area;
    • Any person providing contract employee services to the Florida Department of Transportation in the Tallahassee area or District 2 through Adecco Employment Services, Advanced System Design, Inc., Barkley Security Agency, Inc., Computer Aid, Manpower, Paul Farmer System Services, Productivity Group, Softech Alliance, Inc. or Tri-State Employment Services, Inc.;
  • Employees of this Credit Union
  • Former employees of those groups as listed above;
  • Spouses or surviving spouses, parents, grandparents, children, childrenÕs spouses or surviving spouses, sisters, brothers, grandchildren or any other relative by blood, marriage, or adoption of such persons as listed above; and
  • Organizations, associations, corporations, partnerships, and trusts composed of or owned by such persons as listed above.

Membership couldn't be easier! Simply stop by one of our locations with photo identification* and $5.00 for deposit into a share account to become a member today!

Remember, once you become a member of DOT Credit Union, your membership is "Good For Life".