• GAP - Guaranteed Asset Protection +
    Guaranteed Asset Protection

    We offer GAP for the unexpected!
    Vehicle prices continue to increase, yet at the same time loan terms are getting longer and down payments are getting smaller. What does this mean to you? It means that your vehicle's loan balance is significantly higher than what the car is worth, especially during the first few years of the loan, and if your vehicle is totaled or stolen you could be stuck paying a multi-thousand dollar deficiency balance, or "gap" between what your insurance covers and what you still owe on your loan.

    Not to worry! We have a product that will prevent you from having to cover the cost of your totaled car: Guaranteed Asset Protection, or GAP. GAP eliminates the potential for loss in the event your vehicle is totaled or stolen and protects you from incurring such a large financial loss.

      In addition to the protection GAP offers, our program has the following advantages:
    • GAP is inexpensive.
    • Filing a claim is quick and easy.
    • Enrollment is easy and coverage begins immediately.
    • Coverage is offered for a variety of vehicle types, new and used.
    • Up to $1000 of your insurance deductible is covered, as part of the deficiency balance.

    Consider this scenario: you buy a car. The loan balance after one year is $15,000. The market value is $11,000. Your insurance deductible is $1,000. You total the car, and your insurance company pays $10,000. That leaves a difference of $5,000. $5,000 you would have to pay for a car that you no longer have! With GAP, that $5,000 is paid. Think about it!

    This is an extremely important coverage option that dealers charge two to three times more for the same, and more often times, less coverage than our GAP product provides. Plus, as an added benefit, our GAP product can pay your deductible up to $500 for accidents covered by your auto insurance policy. Talk to our loan department for more details about this must have coverage.

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  • Mechanical Breakdown Protection +
    Mechanical Breakdown Protection

    MBP - Mechanical Breakdown Protection (Extended Warranty)

    Did you know that one in three vehicles experience a mechanical failure in a given year, and the typical warranty owner will make several claims during the life of their agreement? Should your vehicle experience a failure after the manufacturer's warranty expires, without an extended warranty will have no protection from unexpected repair costs that can easily be in the thousands of dollars!

    With our MBP, you can not only save thousands of dollars on such repairs but you can also save 30-50% on the cost of our protection compared with that of the dealer, all while enjoying a no per-visit deductible. Plus, you save valuable time as well with the ability to take your vehicle to any licensed repair facility in the US and Canada.

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