Direct Deposit

Discover the convenience of Direct Deposit which allows you to have your net pay, retirement and government issued checks electronically transferred into your credit union account.

Signing up for Direct Deposit allows you to...

  • Forget making inconvenient trips to one of our offices just to deposit your check.

  • Start earning dividends immediately when you have your funds Direct Deposited into an interest-bearing account.

  • Eliminate the danger of your check being stolen or lost in the mail.

  • Have access to your money as soon as we receive it, not a few days later once the check has "cleared."

That's a lot of convenience, plus frees up your time to do the things you enjoy, and it's totally free. All you need is our routing number and your account number to take to a representative of your employer, social security, or retirement plan. Call or visit member services and we can help you get your Direct Deposit started right away!