Current Loan Rates

*Line of Credit/Overdraft Protection
0.0232603% to 0.0493150%
8.49% to 18.00%
Not Fully Secured by Shares
0.0205205% to 0.0493150%
7.49% to 18.00%
Consolidation 0.0260274% to 0.0493150% 9.50% to 18.00%
Vehicles - New & Used
0.0054521% to 0.0451781%
1.99% to 16.49%
Boats - New & Used
0.0068219% to 0.0493150%
2.49% to 18.00%
Motor Homes & Camper Trailers - New & Used
0.0143562% to 0.0493150%
5.24% to 18.00%
Motorcycle - New & Used
0.0068219% to 0.0444932%
2.49% to 16.24%
Other Secured
0.0136712% to 0.0493150%
4.99% to 18.00%
Share Secured


VISA Credit Card Rates

Click here for Visa Credit Card Rates. 

These rates are effective as of April 1, 2018. These rates may have changed after this date. To find out what may have changed, contact the credit union.

*These rates represent the range of rates we offer based on your individual creditworthiness as expressed by a credit bureau score. Contact the Loan Department for more information.

Certificate Secured (rate being paid on certificate secured plus 3%)
The ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE (A.P.R.) on certificate secured advances will be the dividend rate being paid on the certificate offered as security (index) plus 3%. The certificate must be renewed until the advance is completely paid. Failure to renew will result in default under the Plan. When the certificate is renewed the A.P.R. will change to reflect the new dividend rate. Any increase in the A.P.R. will result in an increase in the payment amount or in more payments of the same amount until what you owe has been repaid. The present annual percentage rate and daily periodic rate will be disclosed on the voucher at the time of the advance.

*Line of Credit/Overdraft Protection advances will be in increments of $100.00. If $100.00 is not available, the entire remaining available credit will be advanced. The minimum monthly payment for Line of Credit/Overdraft Protection advances will be $2.00 per $100.00 or fraction thereof of your outstanding balance or $20.00 per month, whichever is greater.

Filing Fee: You will be charged a lien filing fee at the time of an advance if the credit union takes a security interest in your collateral. The amount of the filing fee will be disclosed on the voucher.

Late Charges: If your payment is more than ten (10) days late we may collect a late payment charge from you of 20% of the interest due with a minimum charge of $5.00.

Collection Costs: You promise to pay all costs of collecting the amount you owe under this agreement including court costs and reasonable attorney fees.

**Your Daily Periodic Rate and ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE are based on your credit worthiness, including, but not limited to, your credit score, and will be disclosed to you before you receive each advance.

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